stay slim past 40

How to stay slim past 40

So, you’re slim already and you want to stay slim past 40? I’ll tell you how I did it. Now of course, there’s always more than one way to do anything. You need to figure out you. However, I already know this works for me. And since we’re both human,

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Astral Eyes Creature of the Night

Creature and Succubus

Creature of the Night video Looking back, I really enjoyed making this video. We hired Nick Testa to direct it and Skitz did the editing. We enjoyed working with Alice so much that we hired her back, and this is our first time working with Nitda Cee, who was great.

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warrior mentality

Bring back the Warrior Mentality

So as you know, I live in the San Francisco area. Here is the political correctness capital of the USA. Well, arguably it’s Seattle. But we’re definitely in the top three. People around here talk about toxic masculinity like that’s really a thing. Well let me tell you something right

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