To rabid sports fans – get a life!

You’ve met your rabid sports fans. You know the kind. They live vicariously through their favorite sports teams and/or players. And when their sports teams or their favorite players fail them, they absolutely lose it. Well, if there’s anything I’d want to tell them, it’s to get a life. Life

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surround yourself with winners

Surround yourself with winners

As a writer/musician, I write about self-improvement a lot. Why? Because, you have to stay hungry. It’s a brutal field. You have to continually stay ahead of the game. If you fall behind, you may as well drop out. So I’m always looking for another edge. I’m looking for another

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A few marriage tips

It’s funny. I never thought I’d see the day when I actually get asked to give some marriage tips. But this article was actually a request. Well, I’m honored. Many people we’ve known in real life in the early years bet against us. They didn’t think we’d make it, both

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