Roman on living up to your potential

On Goal Setting – should you set goals?

Recently, I’ve heard writers talk about goal setting. I’ve heard completely conflicting thoughts about goal setting. Some folks say you absolutely have to set goals. Yet others say goal setting is stupid and only losers set goals. Who should you believe? Well, you heard my rule of thumb for taking

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Thinking of killing yourself? Read this article

If you are thinking of killing yourself…

I know you’ve heard all the counterarguments against suicide already. You think there’s nothing new to hear. You’re about to commit, but before you do, at the very least, read this. For the record, I strongly believe in physician assisted suicide. If you are dying of cancer and in incredible

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The peacefulness of Gardens

Friends, with all that’s going on in the world, sometimes, you just need to hang out in gardens. No, this isn’t escapism. For me, gardens are meditative, since I’ve never meditated in my life. Not that I’m against other folks meditating. I just don’t, because it doesn’t work for me.

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