Romantic Metal on alphas vs cartoons

Alphas vs Cartoons

I grew up a little differently than your average middle class kid. I think of the middle class as average now because I’ve been a part of it since the late 90s. However, it wasn’t always the case. I grew up in a refinery town. It was a bit rougher

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Romantic Metal gargoyle

Don’t get bent, get better

Most people have a serious problem. They cannot think long-term, and let a quick comment get under their skin. I’ve seen folks get offended over completely trivial shit, especially in the San Francisco area where everyone’s depressed. I’m a musician. I’ve heard it all, because everyone loves to be a

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Romantic Metal says dating a loser is a waste of time

…and losers waste your time

Two things in your life are more important than anything else. Health should be your number one priority. This should be a constant theme in your life. If you’re healthy, your mind races and you got plans to conquer the universe. If you’re sick, you only got one thing on

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